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That Time Sequel Underway!

With the release of my first novel, I've realized I want to make writing my career. This is going to take a lot of effort on my part, as I am currently working full time. However, it's not impossible!

I've been writing about 500 words a day for over a week now on my next installment in my "That Time" series. I love these characters and being able to play with time. It's one of the best things about writing sci-fi - there are very little rules as long as you don't have too many plot holes.

That being said, I've also wanted to start a vlog. I know. I know. I've been saying this for weeks, but it's hard for me to find time during the day when there is adequate lighting to make some video. That and I'm going to be out of town, so no access to a decent camera. I may just do short updates with my phone... This is something I think will help me become closer to you, my audience.

Anyway, back to writing. I am trying my best to get my next novel written. I'm hoping for a spring release. After this weekend, it's going to be back to 1500 words a day until it's completed.

In the mean time, head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of my first novel. I mean, it's free if you have Kindle Unlimited :) Also, stay tuned for my release date for the print copy of That Time I Broke Time.

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