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Tips and Things: Chapter 1

Self-publishing is hard work. After spending a year sending queries to traditional agents and publishers, I decided to take the road more difficult. I did a LOT of research. Every day was spent in various Facebook groups (I highly recommend the 20booksto50k group), reading self-help books, and listening to podcasts (I liked the Author Biz). My goal is to share my process with you, one little tidbit at a time. You can learn from all my mistakes, if anything!

Today I want to focus on a web site I found that made my marketing a little easier –

I found this web site in a random Facebook post about making book covers, and while yes, you can make book covers in Canva, I use the web site for other projects such as Twitter, blog, and Facebook posts. All of the graphics you see on this website and blog, aside from my cover, were made in Canva. They have a variety of pre-made layouts where you can change the text and use a stock image for free.

Free is good.

I spent more money than I had expected publishing my first novel. I also spent a ton of time trying to figure out marketing. I was about to throw in the towel when I found this site. It’s helped me create more original content to spice up what I send to all of you.

Like I said before, Canva can be used for book covers, but I actually don’t recommend using it for this if you can help it. There are plenty of pre-made covers and budget designers who can help (I’ll get to this in a later post). The software is limited, and it does not have the resources to make a print cover to my knowledge.

Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone a quick tip! In this world where we barely have the time to sleep, advice is helpful.

I’m going to go enjoy the first warm day in Ohio since last year!

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