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Tips and Things: Chapter 3 - Scheduling Posts

Hello again! Like I said before, the point of this series is to give others some tips on how I became a self-published author. Because I'm disorganized, I'm just picking topics at random. So, this week I'm going to talk about the pros of scheduling posts out.

When I first started this whole social media and marketing crusade, I knew very little. I just knew I needed to get myself out there. So, I made a Twitter, a professional Facebook, re-vamped my Instagram, and made this website. Then I spent hours every day posting new content to all of my avenues.

By week three, I was burn out.

That's when I found a few websites that could help. While there are paid websites like Hootsuite that will manage all your social media in one place, I decided to go for the cheap route. I found This site enables users to schedule up to fifty tweets a month for free. I then went to Goodreads and found their quotes section. In no time, I was generating original content with meaningful quotes for weeks into the future.

I also found out that you can schedule out Facebook posts if you have a "page" instead of a personal profile. While I use my Twitter for mostly reaching out with personal posts, I use my Facebook to really market my novel. So, I went back to Canva and made some ads. I scheduled these posts for a few times a week.

I host my website with Wix enables users to schedule blog posts as well! For every blog post I do, I make sure to schedule a Tweet and Facebook post along with it.

Now, you're probably thinking, how can you make organic content if your scheduling into the future? Well, because I have content scheduled out, I don't have to worry about coming up with something every day. I can instead focus on my writing and then make in-the-moment posts when something worth mentioning happens.

I don't feel bound to the whole "post three tweets, one blog post, one Facebook post" daily rule because I have some content scheduled out. Instead I can focus on interacting with other writers and fans in groups and on my posts. I can think about new ways to market. I can get outlining for my novel done. An most importantly, I can go out and live my life :)

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