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Who is Unicorn Massacres Designs?

Hello! My name is Sarah!


When I was two or three, my mother claimed I wrote a book by scribbling on some papers and gluing them together. I say this is how I began my love of writing and being creative.

I love horror, video games, cosplaying, creating, and cute things. My favorite movie is The Shining and my favorite anime is Steins;Gate. 

My husband, Ryan, decided to get into 3D printing. He also has similar interests and helps me with production. I wouldn't be able to do this without him.

I currently attend about five conventions a year. I make 90% of all my cosplays. I also enjoy doing photoshoots! I am working on making myself more model-eqsue.

My graphic designs are inspired by my accumulation of experiences. While some designs contain blood, I try to keep the subject matter comical - though not always.

I also have published a young adult novel. It is on this site as well as Amazon. I love being creative - and that also means writing!

I'm always up for new ideas and commissions. Drop me a line on my social media below, and we can be friends. :)

Dragon Maid Small 8.jpg
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