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I have some great news! I was struck with inspiration a week ago, and it's going to lead to three new lines of products!

Look at this fun coffin

The photo above is not only going to be a sticker, but it's going to be the inspiration for my new coffin jewelry box line and notebook line! I'm going to be painting some coffins for you all to use for your trinkets or even your sage :) I'm super excited about this new line of work! This way I can do both traditional and digital art to bring you products that you can use in your home!

New slogan campaign! Huzzah!

My next project will be my "Maybe Today Satan" line, because sometimes you need a little evil to make it through the day. I will be using this slogan as well as a few others to make bumper stickers! But "Maybe Today Satan" will also make its way on to pins, regular stickers, notebooks, and whatever else I can think of!

So, there are my updates. I'm working hard to prepare for my hopeful entry into Matsuricon while also making my way through the beginnings of med school. But, I'm super stoked about the bumper sticker, notebook, and "Maybe Today Satan" product lines! I'm hoping this original art is something you all love as much as me.

Til Next Time!


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