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Runescape Dragon Med Helm Printed on Demand

Runescape Dragon Med Helm Printed on Demand


This listing is for a Dragon Med Helm design from runescape models with tweaks and adjustments by myself. 

This definitely isn't intended for larp or any actual action. It's for cosplay / display only. It's not super delicate by any means but it definitely isn't an actual weapon. 

Middle design is a display piece, which coincidentally is the perfect size for a cat.

Tiny is a nice size for a desk.

Big is life size and will be big enough to wear. Most likely fairly oversized unless you have a gigantic head.



**Notes and Disclaimers:**

This is printed on demand. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for handling. Messages will be sent with the progress.
Price seems high for bigger models? Material cost + time increases exponentially as the size increases. It's not linear.
We do 3D printing on demand. Send us a message, and we'll work with you.
**This is not a Jagex product nor is it endorsed by Jagex or any other related parties.**

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