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Runescape Godsword Life-Sized - Printed on Demand

Runescape Godsword Life-Sized - Printed on Demand


A lot of love has gone into this design. This sword is life-sized, and it is rather impressive in person.

**Please note: Godsword will be shipped non-assembled unless assembled is selected from the options below.** Also, colors have been updated to closer match in-game items.

Wall mounts, miniatures, and additional hilts available soon! See the details below for more information.

Current design uses a core of 1/2 in pvc pipe. Has multiple pieces joined on the pvc pipe with 1/4 in wooden dowels. Hilt slots in and is swappable, if you wish to have more than one.  You can swing this around but be careful about hitting something the wings on the blade are a structurally weak point. Blame the poor design of this sword. It's definitely not originally designed for combat.

The handle guard is gray/silver. The top of the blade is a brighter silver than the bottom. All hilts are available. When ordering a godsword specify which hilt you want on it.   

All my work is done to require minimal post processing. 

If you want the files for yourself, they're for sale on Cults.  I also have a free sample of it as well.

**Notes and Disclaimers:**

This is printed on demand. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for handling. Messages will be sent with the progress.
Price seems high for bigger models? Material cost + time increases exponentially as the size increases. It's not linear.
We do 3D printing on demand. Send us a message, and we'll work with you.
**This is not a Jagex product nor is it endorsed by Jagex or any other related parties.**

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