Update: I updated the design to better fit with the index grips / hand boosters so many people have.

Protect your controllers from yourself and your careless friends!

I've never busted a controller before but i did one better and smashed my controller into the outlet for the base station and smashed that! Protect yourself from yourself and spend a couple bucks to save hundreds.

This listing is for a pair of 3D printed protectors for the edge of the valve index controllers.

Current available colors are are listed, but select the other option and include your preferred color / material (An amazon link would be best) in the custom text, and I'll get to making that as soon as the ordered plastic gets to me. List of colors isn't always up to date, so if I have an unlisted color I'll make it, but if I have to order a new color I typically charge a fee for it.

If you have any issues with this product, please contact us. We will assist you however we can.

**This is not a Valve product nor is it endorsed by Valve or any other related parties**

*All 3D prints are made to order. Please allow a week for production as we are pretty busy with our 3D printing :)*

Vive Index Bumpers Printed on Demand


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