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Editing Woes :(

Hello Everyone!

I didn't forget about you :) But I did run into a few set backs recently.

After reading reviews of my first novel That Time I Broke Time, I realized my editing team was not up to par. While I can edit others' writing, it is difficult for me to edit my own writing. I had hired an editor and even had a few friends proofread, but many errors slipped through the cracks.

So, I decided to re-edit my novel myself as well as hire a new proofreader! I'm hoping this process will pick up any lingering errors. I've already done my personal edits and sent the manuscript off to the proofreader.

In short, here is what I have learned thus far:

If an editor only corrects punctuation, they are not an editor, they are a proofreader. If you have more than a few mistakes every 10,000 words, you will need another professional reading.

Hopefully, this time next week I'll be releasing the second edition of my ebook :) And, if this proofreader is as good as I hope, I'll have a new professional to work with for the rest of my writing career.

I'm still pushing for a March print release of That Time I Broke Time and an April release of That Time I Disappeared, but the print release may be closer to mid-month.

I will say this: self-publishing is a lot of learning. I never will say I am an expert in what I do, but I will say I have the ability to learn and progress. I'm glad I have an outlet to communicate my process with my readers. Hopefully, if you too are a reader, then you can learn from my mistakes.

Until next time!

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