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Last Chance to Win!

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great Easter. I spent the time taking a break from writing. Every one needs a break once in a while. I feel like I get burnt out if I do the same things every single day for months on end. I even took a break from working out for three days to let my body rest. Anyway, it's Monday and I'm feeling ready to get back at it!

I may have to post-pone my second novel until summer, unfortunately. I have some health issues going on, which is why I've been taking so many breaks. But rest assured, I have been writing, just not as quickly as usual.

I'm going to get some writing done later tonight, but I wanted to remind you all that there's less that 12 hours left to enter to win a copy of my first book! All you have to do is click here and visit my Facebook page - the Twitter options are optional :)

In the meantime, remember to sign up for my newsletter. Any big news always goes to my newsletter followers first.

I hope to stay active and send you all updates and bits of advice as I continue in my writing journey, but as I said earlier, remember - rest is important. Make sure you all take some you time to take a break from the daily grind!

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