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Under Construction

There comes a time when we sometimes have to step back and take a real break.

I've been dancing around this for a while, but my health has taken a turn. I don't want to get into details, and I definitely don't want to complain, but I need to take my own advice and take a break.

I need to take some time off of writing, blogging, and social media in order to become a better person - to become a healthier person.

I've taken a few days here and there to myself, but I need more than that. I need a full week or two to spend in recovery mode in order to become not only more creative, but to get over a lot of physical and mental issues.

With that being said, I'll still be around. I may have a few tweets here or there. I'll update Facebook if anything super important happens, but my blog, writing, and newsletter will be off until further notice.

I plan on spending time reading, spending time outside, and spending time healing.

So, until further notice, Sarah Emily Lelonek is under construction. She will be back, and she will be better.


Sarah Emily Lelonek

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