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Getting Through the Tough Stuff

There's no easy way to put it; sometimes life just smacks people with hard situations and it sucks.

When life sucks, there are typically a few options. You can give in to the suck. Sit around, cry, feel bad, watch a lot of TV, distance yourself, ignore the problem - you know, be anti-social. And sure, I do this sometimes. Heck, I do it a lot. Sometimes you have to wallow a little just because.

But the key is this - don't wallow too much or you will never get out if that funk.

I'm not saying when life hands you a steaming pile of poo you need to go out and run ten miles, get a promotion, and have six kids . . . I'm saying you need to do something positive for yourself.

This can be a lot of things. It can be doing a load of dishes, writing a paragraph of your work in progress, painting your nails, walking around the block.

The point is - do something.

Recently I hit a wall with writing. I haven't even opened my WIP in about three weeks. Everything, and I mean everything, has come at me. From surgeries, to my s/o becoming unemployed, to falling wall walking on a flat surface and injuring my hand... it sucks.

But I need to rise above it. I need to prove to myself that I can write. I can finish my second novel.

So today I opened my WIP and I wrote a few sentences.

This is my small win.

May there be many more.


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