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Well, the day has come. I'm going back to my regular job. I've been off work since early June while recovering from ulnar nerve surgery. I basically got carpal tunnel, but in my elbow. It's been a . . . painful recover, but I've learned a lot about myself in these past six weeks.

I've learned that I can keep myself busy without a job and without full use of my left arm. At first, I was scared I would only be able to sit on the couch and watch TV for over a month, that I wouldn't be able to play games or anything. Well, I learned to adapt. Sure, I wasn't sitting at a desk until about a week ago, but I found games to play, books to read, and have been very active.

I mean, super active for someone who primarily sits behind a desk. Every day I play Just Dance, with limited left arm movement, for about an hour. Then, I go for a walk for about an hour as well. I'm trying to get myself healthy and used to being busy, because starting today, I'm going to have a lot less time on my hands.

But what does this all mean? Why am I rambling on about my daily routine?

Because I'm here to tell you this: We all have to learn to make the best of bad situations.

For a year I haven't had full feeling in my arm, let alone full strength. I've learned over the past year I can still be a productive member of society, I can still enjoy life, I just had to adjust. Sure, I'm probably never going to be a body builder, but I can get into jogging. I may never win a gaming tournament, but I can enjoy playing casually and play more RPGs. Most importantly, having arm pain doesn't make me less able to write. Sure, I'm going to be busy working, working out, and writing, but I enjoy my life. I'm happy.

I can still obtain my dreams. I can still write, be healthy, and travel. We all are able to be happy and enjoy life. I'm not saying life doesn't sometimes suck, because it does. I'm saying happiness exists, you just have to push through the rough stuff.

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