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That Time I Broke Time gets an update!

As many of you know, my first novel was published with some errors. It's been quite the experience finding a good editing team to make sure my manuscript is up to far, and I'm here with some good news!

I just uploaded a new version of That Time I Broke Time to Amazon!

While the changes won't be live for up to 72 hours, I am so happy to have a better manuscript out there for you all to read.

If you have already bought my book on Amazon or with Kindle Unlimited, you don't need to do anything! Your copy will be automatically updated the next time your device connects to the internet and you open your Kindle app.

For everyone who hasn't purchased a copy, you can do so here!

Another update!

I am almost done formatting my novel for print. I have the text formatted, just waiting to hear back from my designer on the cover. Of course, when I uploaded the cover, I got about 17 different errors. . . So, I asked for some assistance from a professional :)

Anyway, once I get those errors hammered out and order a proof for myself, the finished product will be available! Hopefully, by March 26th!

That's it for now. Off to get a little more writing done :)

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